An Unlikely Adventure: UA Mountain Running in Killington, VT

An Unlikely Adventure: UA Mountain Running in Killington, VT
Pre-race excitement in the air.
ua mountain running in vermont
Calm before the (running) storm).
District Running Collective at the UA Mountain Run
District Running Collective at the UA Mountain Run.

This weekend, I enjoyed a kid-free weekend away with my husband to gorgeous Vermont. While a spa weekend was probably what we needed; instead I ran, walked, climbed and maybe cried a little as I trudged (and slogged) up and down Killington Mountain a.k.a The Beast , as a part of Under Armour’s Mountain Running​ ​Race Series.

An Unlikely Adventure: UA Mountain Running in Killington, VT
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ua mountain running in vermont
We are not worthy!
ua mountain running in vermont
Runners get in formation.

This new series encompassed seven trail race ​distances:​ 5K, 10K, 50K, Half Marathon, Marathon, Marathon Relay and Vertical K where I opted for the Half Marathon. After completing a 10K, the Brooklyn Half and running on the daily, it seemed like the best option, which, in hindsight, I had no idea of what I was really getting myself into. Accompanied by my husband, who doesn’t exercise (other than walking), I was blissfully ignorant to what we were about to embark on and equally thrilled for this new challenge. Nonetheless, I showed up and was so psyched on race day as I loaded up on some food, took pictures and drank as much water as I could before the run.

ua mountain running in vermont
Views upon views.
ua mountain running in vermont
Walk/run on The Beast.

At the start of the race at 10am, participants were off, as we all started out running where the elevation quickly rose, causing many of us (including my husband and myself) to slow down. With no real elevation training (other than then incline on the treadmill), it was an intense push to get up, trudging through rocks and mud to reach the top and then descend again. Some people picked up their speed at this point, jutting down the mountain, which actually felt pretty scary to me, feeling as if I was losing control over my footing.

ua mountain running in vermont
To the top!
ua mountain running in vermont
The view from here.

What followed was a series of going up and down the mountain at different points for a total of four intense strides. There was some running at the points where the mountain leveled-out, but for the most part I was just trying to trudge my way up and not fall down. It was so hard! I hated it. I loved it. There were points where I had to gander so much inner strength; a power that I didn’t know that I had to push my body, quiet my mind, and really face my fears. As someone who didn’t grow up with sports, it was the ultimate test inner test where the only way to stop was to complete the race.

ua mountain running fog
A foggy descent.
ua mountain running fog
Post-Skittles dance.

And after every crazy run, climb and walk, there were new milestones (6 miles, 10 miles, 1 to go) that I reached that helped me carry on. It was also helpful to have aid stations at specific points to be able to recharge, hydrate and even snack on Clif Bars, Clif Energy Blocks, pretzels, and unexpected favorite for the experience, Skittles.

ua mountain running guerilla
A some point on the run.
ua mountain running up hill
What goes up, must come down.

Throughout the experience, there was also other athletes on the course, many of whom were participating in the 50K (say what?!) that started two hours prior to the Half. Comments like “great job,” “you got this,” “almost there,” as I was trudging along really lifted my spirits as I was in awe of their accomplishments, which who knew, could even be in a few years?

ua mountain running view
Another gorgeous view during the run.
ua mountain running signs
Easier route, you tease!

At the end of the intense 13.1 miles up and down (and up and down) with a peak elevation of 4,789’ feet I finally finished a little under five hours, exhausted, a bit broken down yet still totally elated. I effing did it! How awesome is that?!

end of the ua mountain running experience
We did it for the free beer!

While this wasn’t my ‘normal’ Half time where in the end it was about the intensity of the moment, where at every turn of the run, I was challenged (both mentally and physically) and driven to complete the task at hand. A soul-shaking, mentally-challenging, and intense physical experience, this was one wild ride that I’ll surely never forget. And after going up a mountain at over 4,000′ feet, definitely an experience that my body won’t let me forget about anytime soon.

Up for a challenge? Check out their next mountain race in Colorado. And check out the inspiring pics of some of the 50K trail runners below:

Cody Reed UA Trail Athlete, 50K winner
Cody Reed UA Trail Athlete, 50K winner
Brian Tolbert, Cody Reed, Kyle Dietz UA Trail team 50K start
Brian Tolbert, Cody Reed, Kyle Dietz UA Trail team 50K start

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I was not paid for this post. Under Armour provided me with a ticket and gear to participate in this experience.

Thanks for spreading the word!

Make the most out of your weekend!

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