A Day in the Pixel Forest at the New Museum

During another freezing January day, the family and I headed to the city to check out the pixel forest exhibit over the New Museum. Ending today, it has been a much-buzzed about exhibit for its kaleidoscopic pixels that I had to see for myself in person.

new museum awesome nyc views

Pixel Forest at the New Museum

Pixel Forest at the New Museum

new museum in nyc at the pixel forest

After a 45 minute wait (!) we made our way into the New Museum and started on the very top floor, soaking in some incredible views of Lower Manhattan. We then went down to the next floor to check out the first part of Pipilotti Rist’s immersive experience that included a collection of beds and giant screens. Here, we laid down, looking in awe and wonder at the collection of nature videos that was both relaxing and mesmerizing.

Pixel Forest at the New Museum

new museum pixel forest

new museum pixel forest

Up next was the pixel forest as we entered a colorful world of bright and illuminated pixels.  There was an instant ‘wow’ that we all said when we entered the space. The lights changed within seconds as we watched in awe at this mix of technology and gorgeous lights. The girls loved watching the colors change as they checked out this stunning compilation of colors, wonder and different textures.

new museum nyc help me art

underwear at the new museum in nyc

bubbles at the new museum

There was also a mobile made out of underwear that my middle daughter thought was hilarious. Then, we went to the second floor to check out some video art, and finally we went to the first floor to check out the Diary of a Madmen exhibit and then scoop out the bubbles in the lobby. While the gorgeous pixels were a hit, the bubbles were definitely up there as a favorite as we watched them appear and quickly disappear that brought on a jangle of passerby’s. While this wasn’t a typical museum for kids, we got a lot out of our mini adventure to the New Museum that was a little unexpected and magical.

For more info, please visit: http://www.newmuseum.org/visit


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