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A rainy day this past weekend brought my little family and I on a road trip to Easton, PA to check out the Crayola Experience. Having been there around four years ago (or so), I was excited to check it out again with my expanded broad. And while they are all different ages with different interests, they all have a shared passion for art and creativity that I was pretty sure that the 65-000-square-foot Crayola Experience would have enough attractions to inspire my girls through a world of color, creativity and fun.

ring making at the Crayola Experience for kids

We started on the 4th floor, checking out the Drip Art, Meltdown and Melt & Mold stations. Everyone could engage in the Meltdown station that was set up by color where the kids could paint by melted crayons. The sent and their paper followed us through the space as they added onto their melted crayon creations. We then check out the Melt & Mold area where the kids could create a race car or a ring from melted crayons. There was a slight line to get into this area, but nothing too crazy as the kids picked out their colors and were then taken to a mold area as they were provided with simple instructions to get started. It was cool to see the melting/molding process that resulted in a fun keepsake. Next up was the Drip Art station where the kids could create a swirly masterpiece using two crayons.

crayola experience water works

crayola experience doodles

We then ventured to the 3rd floor to explore the Activity Studio, Color Playground, Doodle in the Dark and the Water Works area. The older girls really took to the Color Playground, a two-story indoor gym where they could climb up a giant Crayola crayon and slide down Pip Squeak marker, among other cool crayon-inspired aspects. My younger daughter, on the other hand, loved Water Works, an interactive experience where kids receive a crayon boat that they can move throughout this 85-foot water table attraction. Fair warning: you and them will likely get wet as you assist your child by moving the crayon boat through a collection of levys as they learn about the lock and canal system. We ended this floor by checking out Doodle in the Dark, a visual dark room where kids can draw on doodle boards and interact with crayons that are placed on a screen. I appreciated that this room also included some benches where the parentals could sit and chill for a few minutes as their kids drew to their hearts content. This was also a nice area for breastfeeding moms or for little ones that needed a snack, like now.

crayola experience unicorn art

crayola experience making crayons

crayola experience with kids

crayola experience with kids: crayons

crayola experience with kids

At this point the kids were ready for some lunch were we decided to take a mini break before we hit up all of the attractions on the 2nd floor. Cafe Crayola was perfect for this where they kids had pizza and a pretzel. I also brought some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit, which I really appreciated that we were able to bring in food as well since my kids are always hungry (a.k.a hangry). After our bites, we headed back to the 2nd floor to check out Crayon Factory, Wrap it Up!, Color Magic, Modeling Madness, Toddler Town, Be a Star, and Art Alive! We started this floor with Art Alive that was an instant favorite for all of the girls who were able to color in digital pictures and then watch them come to life onto a large, shared screen. After a few rounds of this area, we headed to Toddler Town where my 2.5-year-old where she enjoyed her own mini climbing area, complete with a light board and a play area. Other highlights of this floor were the Be a Star station where you can take pictures of your kids that turn into a printed coloring page and Wrap it Up, which was the talk of the whole trip and biggest memory from my older daughter who was six or so when we visited last time. After you pay, you are given two coins to redeem at the Wrap it Up area where kids can create customizable labels and then wrap up their own crayons. We had a lot of fun figuring out the names of our crayons, that also allowed us to personalize them with symbols like hearts and alien heads (my two year olds favorite).

While we experienced a ton that the Crayola Experience had to offer, we still didn’t see everything like the shows at the Crayon Factory and a few stations along the way.

A perfect rainy day refuge that was filled with creativity and fun, we loved our time at the Crayola Experience that definitely lived up to its mission of evoking creativity, discovering and fun into the minds of my kids. A must-experience adventure for a day trip this season.

Crayola Experience Highlights

Wrap it Up: Fun for all ages.

Toddler Town: Awesome for little ones.

Water Works: Another toddler favorite.

Doodle in the Dark: Rest for parents as kids create.

Drip Art: Cool to see the melting crayons as kids create melted crayon art.

Crayola Experience Location

30 Centre Square

Easton, PA

For more information, please visit:

We were given tickets for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own.


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